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Cascade Plastic Booster Alternative & Removing Red Stains from Plastic Containers


Here is one of my favorite cleaning discoveries — a somewhat unusual way to clean stained plastic containers or utensils. I used to use Cascade Plastic Booster 2-in-1 Plastic Cleaning Additive for this. It was just the thing for getting tomato stains out of plastic food storage containers, spatulas, etc. But awhile back, much to my disappointment, it appeared that Cascade had stopped making it. I did some searching for a similar product and couldn’t’ find anything. So one day I decided to see if I could find out the active ingredient(s) in Cascade Plastic Booster, to see if there was anything I could do with that information. I found out that there was only one active ingredient, and it was Benzoyl Peroxide, which turns out to be popular in acne medications! So I went to Walmart to look for the cheapest Benzoyl Peroxide acne product I could find. They had some pretty spendy ones, but I found something called “equate – Medicated Acne Gel – Maximum Strength – 10% Benzoyl Peroxide.” It comes in a 1 ounce bottle, and sells for $1.97 at my Walmart. (This was awhile back, so the packaging or price may have changed a bit.) Anyways, I bought it and tried it, and you know what, it worked great! I honestly can’t tell the difference between the results with the Cascade product and the acne gel. Note that I have never tried it in the dishwasher, and never did with Cascade Plastic Booster either. The way I tend to use it is to put some in the plastic container I’m trying to clean, and then put some water in the container. Then I cover it and shake it to mix. It takes quite a bit of shaking because the gel doesn’t really want to mix with the water. Then I fill the container up to the top (or up to the staining) with water and let it sit for a few hours. And if I have a spatula or something like that, I’ll stick that in the diluted solution as well. If something is really badly stained, I might spread the gel right on it, but it does work amazingly well when it’s quite diluted.

If any of you decide to try this, let me know how it goes. And if you have any other solutions for this problem that you’d like to share, please do!